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Email notification! Now you can let us tell you when new tearsheets are available. After you log in with your nine-digit account number, follow the link for "Email Notification." We will send you an email every time a new tearsheet is available on this website. The email will contain links to take you directly to your tearsheets.

Tearsheets? On the web? How do I know that this is really what was printed?
Good question. To answer it, we'll have to tell you where these tearsheets come from. When our copy editors complete a page, they print it. We take those print jobs and produce the plates that go to our printing press to print the newspaper. We take those EXACT SAME print jobs and create electronic copies of the pages of the newspaper. We use those electronic pages as tearsheets.

How do I get to see my tearsheets?
To access your tearsheets, you'll need a copy of your bill. Find your account number on the top portion of the first page of your bill. (The image to the right shows the exact location of your account number on your bill.) Type that number into the field that says 'Enter your account number:' and click 'Login.'

No password? Is this safe?
Are you afraid someone will hack into our system and get to see your ads? Even if someone was bored enough to try and figure out your account number, the only thing they can do with it is look at your ads!

How far back do these tearsheets go?
We have tearsheets available for the last thirteen months.

What editions are available?
Currently, we have tearsheets for the Charleston Gazette, Charleston Daily Mail, the Saturday Gazette-Mail and the Sunday Gazette-Mail. Very soon, tearsheets for the Charleston Newspapers Metro products, the Real Estate Gallery, and Showtime will be available.

I need help! What do I do?
Your sales representative is always your best contact point. You can call our advertising deparment at 304-348-4860, and our classified advertising department at 304-348-4848. If you just want to email a quick question about using this site, click here.

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